Sunday, October 18, 2009

Morning walk @ Southern Ridges

Yesterday, my 2 friends and I started our walk from the Marang trail @ 9am and ended it @ Hort Park around 12pm. Weather was fine. It was a good work out climbing some stairs and taking a stroll on the footpath. I took many photos and here are some nice ones:

On top of Mount Faber

Henderson Wave - I like the structure, the blue sky and the greenery, in contrast with the HDB flats.

We saw a long green spotted tree snake and I managed to take some photos of its tail before it slithered into the crack.

The Forest Walk, linking Telok Blangah Hill to Alexandra Arch

Alexandra Arch

Hort Park

The purple lotus got a lot of my attention :)

My initial focus was on the purple flowers before I realised there was a swing and I just took the photos of the family in it.

Colourful wall

There are also couches to rest and relax.

Our picnic was yummy and healthy. Our friend baked the bread using the bread maker. We had an open face sandwich with lettuce, tomato and carrot. I prefer to eat the mandarin orange and crackers on their own :)

It is good to sweat, walk and be away from the mad crowds and air-con malls :) and admire the work in blending development with nature.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sleeping with Bob

"Sleeping with Bob" by Coboypb