Saturday, June 20, 2015

Angel's favorite day bed

is parents' king sized bed :)

Making time for home-cooked meals

Sometimes I could walk around a shopping mall and not knowing what to get for dinner. Today was one of such days. I was at Thomson Plaza and none of the eateries there appeal to me, so I only bought a packet of baby kale from the supermarket and went home. Remembering a colleague recently shared a simple cucumber noodle with peanut butter dressing recipe, I made something similar with cucumber and baby kale. It was easy to prepare and delicious. For part 2 of dinner to get my carbs, after feeding the community cats with parents, I found a blog recipe on yogurt quick oats and ate half of the pancakes. Preparing my own meals take times but I feel good eating them :) even though they don't turn out well at times.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Avocado dessert and meal

I have transformed the 2 avocados I bought on Friday into chocolate avocado cake for yesterday's gathering with friends and mashed avocado potato salad for lunch just now. The weekend is meaningfully spent, when I manage to make something nice, or catch up with my friends.