Friday, May 30, 2014

Chilling out in a kopitiam in Phuket

This work trip has been quite enjoyable partly due to the warm Thai hospitality and friendly colleagues. On Wednesday afternoon, we took a break at a Kopitiam in Phuket Old Town. I had iced butterfly pea milk tea and bought baked peanuts and roasted soya bean powder as souvenirs :)

Thursday, May 29, 2014

In Phuket for work

I have been in Phuket since Sunday late afternoon and it feels like I have even here for a long time. I'm glad that the meetings were quite fruitful and with friendly colleagues from countries in the region. I had a bit of time yesterday to bring Grump out of my luggage to view the hotel room :) This morning, I went for a quick jog (15 mins for 1 km) at the treadmill in the hotel gym, as well as a 60-min aromatherapy massage in the evening.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Old friends and food

I spent part of the afternoon today preparing and baking quiche for the gathering with 2 good old friends and a little girl (primary 3 is still little, right?) and a baby. HJ made bulgur wheat salad which is yummy and healthy. The sweet girls sang me a belated birthday song, presented me with a gift and we shared dessert :)

Kite making and flying

The last time I made a kite must be during an art lesson in primary school. I can't remember when I flew a kite. Yesterday at a company retreat, after discussing about work issues in a relaxed manner in the morning, our team bonding activity in the afternoon was kite making with colleagues from other departments. It was surprisingly enjoyable even when we flew our creations under the hot sun :)