Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Bob and his new blue mouse

Lazy Bob played with his new toy lying down.

Shredded cheese carrot muffins

The packet of shredded cheese was expiring on 25 Aug, last Sunday, so the day before I followed a recipe for cheese muffins and improvised by adding shredded carrots. I like :)

Experiments with food

They are fun and therapeutic. It would be great if they taste yummy for my family and S to enjoy. Otherwise, I will slowly finish them up. Recently the experiments turned out quite alright. I was quite happy munching the crunchy and chewy sweet potato chips. The chickpea hummus was surprisingly nice and reminded me of mashed potatoes. The Bombay/French toast is a good way of finishing up the slices of bread that were turning dry.

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Feasting on homecooked food

While catching up with good old friends, we were stuffing ourselves with baked herb potato and eggy potato salad (made by SP) last Sat afternoon. After a short swim, we prepared the ingredients to go with the laksa gravy that FR made at home earlier.