Sunday, June 30, 2013

Attempts @ rubber stamping

After reading a few blogs on how to carve a rubber stamp, I visited Art Friend to get a rubber carving block and cheap ink pads. With S' carving knifes, I did some doodling before settling on 2 designs this weekend. Yesterday I did a heart shaped stamp which looks simple but it took me quite a number of carving and trimming until I'm satisfied. My cat stamp is supposed to have distinct triangular shaped nose but I accidentally cut it away. But I think they don't look so bad for my first 2 attempts :)

Inspired by Fictive Fingers

3 Saturdays ago, sis and I visited Fictive Fingers' pop up store @ Sago Lane. Opened by 2 sisters, they created interesting paper and fabric products using rubber stamping and silkscreen printing. sis and I tried our hands @ rubber stamping. greedy me was trying the different stamps while sis did a lovely card using flowers and similar colour tones. I bought a turquoise silkscreen print pouch for myself :)

Saturday, June 08, 2013

2nd attempt to bake pizzas

This time I have yeast and a pizza recipe in S's book on Italian cooking, so I tried to bake pizza for dinner. It wasn't too hard but the spelt flour or baking too long in the oven might have caused the pizza to be drier and tougher. I'm not satisfied with the taste but surprisingly parents and sis think it's not bad.

Monday, June 03, 2013

Making space

I smiled when I saw how Bob slept on the pillow. But how about me? So I had to rotate the pillow 180 degrees and rest my head against his belly :) Bob made himself more comfortable by curling his body around my head. Hee

Making face powder and body powder

I have been using my loose powder (Aubrey Organics) and body powder (Country Comfort Baby Powder) from for a year or so. I like that they contain natural ingredients instead of chemicals and they work well for me. I did some research online and it seems that some people are making their own powders. After buying powder arrowroot yesterday, I decided that I shall blend my own powders and see if they will work as well. My loose powder is made up of arrowroot powder (3 tablespoons), green tea powder (1 teaspoon), cocoa powder (1 teaspoon) and a few drops of rose vanilla oil. The body powder contains same amount of arrowroot and green tea as well as a number of drops of lavender oil. One smells chocolatey and the other has lavender aroma. I hope my skin will accept them when I apply over the week.