Sunday, February 24, 2013

Baking, cooking and pet therapy

After a busy work week, I needed all these to rejuvenate :)

Bob's short stay at S' place

I had to trouble S to take care of Bob for a few days the past week, as I had to work late. Bob would endure being cuddled in S' arms and have his tummy rubbed for a short while :) it was also a rare sight to have Angel visiting my room.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Chocolate sponge cake and ganache

I had not attempted baking sponge cake since secondary 2 until this afternoon. After remembering how tiring to whisk the eggs and producing charred sponge cake during my secondary 2 Home Economics test, I only started toying with the idea of baking it recently. I like the light cake and when I saw a simple recipe on Guardian online, I used a few hours this afternoon to whisk the egg yolks and whites separately until arms ached :) it was therapeutic. The chocolate ganache helps to make the cake look pretty and taste more interesting due to the turbinado sugar and fine salt I sprinkled on top.

Lunch, abalone and Bob

Today's lunch was the leftover curry and caixin veggies with the can of abalone from S. Bob must be attracted to the smell of abalone, as it was the first time he jumped onto the table when we had our meals. I quickly snapped a few photos before carrying him down :)

Butterflies and flowers in the park

This morning while feeding Shadow in the park, we were also admiring the butterflies fluttering around the pretty flowers.

3 nights of feasting

From the eve to the 1st 3 days of Chinese New Year, we had our dinners and gatherings with our aunts (mom's sisters) and their family. We do meet a few times a year and it's nice to be able to catch up with our aunts and our 2 favorite cousins during this period.