Monday, October 31, 2011

Thai style fried bean curd

Part 1 of my dinner last evening. Mom and I enjoyed eating it with the spicy sweet sour plum sauce. I like the shredded cucumber, carrot and peanuts too.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Brown rice squash miso minced pork porridge

I cooked the porridge for lunch, while multi-tasking between making sure Bob wasn't a nuisance while out of our room and cleaning the dusty computer table, as well as preparing the coriander and spring onions. I asked S to bring along a century egg to add to the porridge which tasted not too bad :)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Braised duck meat, Chinese lettuce soup, brown rice, etc

My last meal of the day :) I love the chilli sauce and coated the meat with it.

Popiah & curry puff

As part of my driving practice, we drove to Serangoon Garden Food Centre. S had braised duck rice and helped to take away half a duck for dinner for my family. I had popiah and finally got my hands at the curry puffs from this Rolina stall. It was quite yummy.

I sent S to the MRT station before driving back home alone. It was my first time on my own so he was a bit worried. My parking skills are still terrible and need his and Dad's guidance every time. But I am familiar with the way back and assured him that I would be home in one piece with the duck meat. I had to move the car in and out of the parking lot a few times though before I was satisfied :)

Three the untamed

Three is still quite wild even after we have been feeding her for the past 4-5 years. She will still snap at our hands if we don't feed her fast enough or get in her way. Haha. But she does like to rub herself against my legs when I squat to look at her :)

Corn lotus root peanut soup & seafood veggies

Mom prepared these 2 yummy dishes with Dad's help for dinner last night. I was so satisfied with the meal that I didn't have to snack after feeding the cats.

Friday, October 28, 2011

What's my hobby?

A friend asked me about my hobby last night. I told him I don't know. He suggested blogging. Hmm, I enjoy taking photos and writing for my blog but I don't think that's considered my hobby. I enjoy baking but I've not been doing it regularly. Maybe eating is my hobby, as I like thinking about my next meal, can enjoy it on my own or with friends and family, can blog about it. But it kind of irks me that I don't have a more tangible hobby, something that involves some kind of skill and knowledge. Like Sis making silver jewelry and SP collecting and customizing her Blythe dolls. I have another task on my "To do" list - find my hobby :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bob resting on the sofa

He looked so comfortable :)

Bob on top of the world

Well, almost as the fridge is the most accessible tallest object at home :)

Bob, nutella & peanut butter

I love them :)

Bob's eyes and ears

I almost have nothing to blog about, as other than work and lunchtime shopping, there was nothing interesting. Well, I was fascinated by the sweets given by the Japanese visitors this morning. They are surprising heavier than they look. I could only guess the flavours are tea and plum from the kanji (Chinese looking characters). I shall try them this weekend. Then Bob being a busybody and wanting my attention jumped onto the kitchen table and rested there between the sweets and my Chinese medicine. He was very alert and listened attentively when he heard our neighbour opening the door. Look at his eyes and ears.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Listening to Kit Chan's songs

I'm listening to the songs from these 2 albums that Fion has lent me as she finds her a talented singer and wants to share the joy of enjoying her songs. I like some of her songs, especially her version Leslie Cheung's 追 and a few of her original songs.

Beautiful morning

Colourful clothes on bamboo poles were out this sunny morning. Mom and S were catching up under the shady part of the park while I was fascinated by the speckled sunlight falling on the ground.

Miumiu, S' cat

She's friendly towards us and likes us to sayang her. She's chatty too :)

Beautiful pink flowers

I don't know the name for them but they look like chives.

Oreo's morning nap under the bushes

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Messy workstation

I've heard that the state of one's room and workstation reflects the state of mind. It has a bit of truth, I think. I can work in this mess as I usually just focus on my pc and the notepad on the left of the keyboard. I actually need only a few items from the piles of mess :) I really need to clean them up soon.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Fun with honey

The Blue Hills Honey will replace Happy Sheep Honey soon :) I forgot how beautiful the lomo photos can be until sis reminded me how the morelomo app can make use of the background colour to influence the colour of the subject. The honey jar looks interesting in the various colours :) a bit of fun before I start working later.

Korean bento

It has been a busy day plus a colleague down with stomach flu and another on overseas leave. I thought of packing lunch from the office canteen but I went out to Isetan Scotts supermarket to get this Korean rice set and just sat outside the movie billboards enjoying my lunch. It helped to somewhat relieve my tired eyes and slight headache and cheer me up too :)