Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bob & Emma

Don't they look cool? The photo was taken using the Leme Cam app.

Bob the cutie pie

It's hard to be angry for long with the naughty boy, especially when he gives me that look :)

Treetop walk with friends on Vesak Day

It's always nice to explore a new place with friends. On Vesak Day, we started our walk at 7.30am from the Venus Drive carpark. Besides fresh air, what I like about nature walks is seeing interesting and beautiful things along the way.

Man-made objects :)

The beginning of the trail

Sunlight streaming in

Almost nearing the bridge

The bridge where one can only move forward. You can't change your mind and turn back.

Beautiful sky

Below the bridge

Me on the bridge

Emma was with me too, in my haversack most of the time. I returned Pink Magic to SP and SP let me doll sit her another doll, Emma :)

After the bridge, there were more stairs. The walk was a good workout :)

SP brought along Cloud too :)

You can read about SP's coverage of the walk on her blog. She has provided links to NParks about the treetop walk and the map of the trails which are useful info, if any of you are interested to do the walk.

More of the sky above us

And my companions
In colour and sepia :)

We were initially concerned that the walk would be too tough for the 6-yr-old kids. But they managed very well and walked ahead of us, chatting away and holding hands :)

They were building a castle from the rocks and pebbles on the dirt path.
The planning stage

And the execution :)

They also picked up some branches and pretended to be old man and lady. Haha.

We saw a skink for the second time on a log.

It took us about 3 hours to complete this 7.2km walk. It was a good thing that we started early. By 10am, the crowd came in and the walk was no longer peaceful. It was almost like a shopping mall minus the shops and aircon.

We went to the Casuarina Curry Restaurant for pratas, murtabak, kuay teow, lassi and tea. It was crowded and we waited for about 15 mins or so before getting a table. The portions seemed huge but we managed to finish almost everything :)

After a nice walk and good lunch, the next best thing was that there were still the afternoon and evening to do other stuff :) I blogged about my Hong Kong trip that afternoon. hee.

Daddy's birthday on May 14 父の誕生日

The sweet man cooked lunch for us, as it was raining heavily and we could not lunch out as planned. It was a delicious simple meal of instant noodles with veggies, fish slices, minced pork and eggs.


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rooster & Hen

I wanted to try Rolina curry puff @ Serangoon Garden Market but the stall was closed. @ the carpark we were surprised to see a rooster and a hen near Dad's car. They looked well fed. It was kind of strange to see them when I was craving for a chicken curry puff but I definitely didn't want to hunt and eat them. Ironic.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

cute pencil

A friend got these cute mechanical pencils for me and another friend during her trip to Penang. Guess which one is for me? :)

Pink candy floss clouds

I was admiring the evening sky when chatting with a friend 2 Thursdays ago before Polling Day. Every time I look at the sky, it presents a beautiful picture, but sometimes I am too busy to notice.

With a friend whose mom recently discovered a tumour in her and another friend's dad who passed away suddenly last Wed night, it is a sad reminder that our loved ones will inevitably leave us sooner or later. Yes, it can be morbid to think about it but I hope come the day, I won't have any regrets of not spending enough time or showing love and concern for my family and dear friends.

3 May (Tues) - Day 5 and Last day in Hong Kong

We wanted to end our trip in Hong Kong with a nice breakfast at this cafe called 18 GRAMS we spotted on the first day in Causeway Bay. It took us about 15 mins to walk there.

It is a small place at the corner of a building next to the street. Inside the cafe, there are 1 big table for 8 people and 2 small tables for 4 persons each. Outdoor there are 2 smaller tables.

We chose to sit indoor. I had toast and egg and white tea while Sis got bacon, egg and toast and earl grey tea.

Behind the racks of stuff is the food preparation area/kitchen.

My white tea in 3 different shots.

My plate of egg and toast too :)

I bought a walnut muffin to take away in case I got hungry at the airport.

On the way to the hotel, as we had some time, we popped into the Jusco (HKD10 shop similar to Daiso) and I bought some charcoal as humidifier and yarn for any future crochet projects.

@ the HK airport, after munching on my muffin (a bit too sweet), I took out Coby for a short while before it was time to board the plane.

It has taken a long time for me to blog about this trip :) It is nice recollecting the good memories especially of the good food and the interesting finds. I think it will be a long time before I visit Hong Kong.