Thursday, May 31, 2007

Mothering a kitten

is tiring! Mum and I have to wake up earlier than usual to feed her when she starts meowing. Before she is toilet trained, we had to rush to the kitchen sink to make her pee and poo before she wet/dirtied herself.

Nowadays I try to come home straight after work to help relieve Mum. The past few days, I had to feed and entertain Angel before I could settle down to eat my dinner around 9pm. By then, Mum and Dad had already finished feeding the community cats and I didn't manage to say my "Hi" and stroke them.

I have told my close friends about Angel and that I can only meet them after work or on weekend when Angel is more grown-up/independent (can eat dry food on her own) and when either sis or Mum can be at home to look after Angel. One of my friends said I sound like a mother with a kid :)

It is very exciting to see Angel using the sand tray to pee and poo. Last night we fed her a bit of wet food and she lapped them up. Just now, I grinded some dry kitten food so that I can sprinkle them over the wet food in the evenings. She still drinks the kitten formula milk from the bottle like a baby.

Angel no longer walks bow-legged and sometimes will run and do little hops like a rabbit. So cute. And I have been taking photos of her but it's not easy to capture good photos when she is active. I should start taking videos of her to capture those moments.

She is also getting bitey and playful. She will lung at our fingers with her mouth opened. I will do finger wrestling or at Mum's suggestion, give her a clean dry cloth to chew on. Her claws/nails are getting sharper and tougher, so when she is in Mum's hands and quiet, I will trim her nails.

I will keep you all posted of her development through more photos here :)

A few friends have asked me. Yes, we are keeping Angel!

Smitten with Angel

She looks funny :)

Her doeful eyes.

Sleeping with her tiger friend and bony leopard printed cushion

Clinging to Mum's chest

My finger checking out Angel's teeth while she was resting on Sis' stomach

Yawning and stretching

Giving me an evil stare. I like it :)

The fangs of Angel

A quiet moment

The fighter

Sleeping after playing with me and getting her doses of milk

Resting anywhere - under the table, under the chair and even on the base of the standing fan

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Sleeping places

Angel will rest or just nod off to sleep when she feels comfortable and contented after her .

The other time she just slept in between my legs when I was sitting cross legged.

Just now after feeding her milk, she propped herself on my left foot.

Soon she was sleeping on my left foot.

I had to move her to a more proper sleeping place before my left leg turned numb. :)

Peeing and pooing

I won't subject you to the sight of Angel's stinky poo. How we get her to pee/poo is quite funny to see. We have to stimulate her to pee/poo by dabbing a wet tissue to her pee/poo holes. A trickle of urine will follow and we would clean/dry her after she's done.

Getting her poo out is a more tricky business. Mum and I had her poo on our hands when things got messy, so we had to wash her stinky bottom with some nice smelling cat shampoo.

During these stimulating moments, we also get to hear Angel wailing and screaming. But we (including Angel) are all very happy after we manage to get everything out and will give her a hug.

Silent watcher

Dinner menu

Fried rice sprinkled with cashew nuts and doumiao soup.

Rice with pan-fried fish, black soya sauce chicken and veggie

Rice with egg beancurd, coriander, minced pork, shredded leftover bbq chicken with mushroom, doumiao soup with meatballs

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Squirt of inspiration

When Dawn asked me if I could draw something for CWS' harmony pillar, I decided to draw about the places where my parents and I feed our community cats - the park, car park and void deck.

I only got to drawing it on Sun night using drawing block paper, scraps of paper that I have kept for uses like this, black marker and double sided tape (because there is no glue at home). I am quite happy with my creation :)

And now it's together with the other contributions on CWS' harmony pillar.

some of Angel's possessions

Her milk bottle and milk formula

Her bedding, tiger soft toy and blanket :)

Sunday afternoon with the community cats

The cats like to just laze around when we are around in the park. I was trying my luck to find Bush after my gathering with my friends in the afternoon as I couldn't find Bush that Sun morning when I was feeding the other cats.

White Cat seems quite comfortable hanging around the park.

Out of nowhere, Bush came to me probably for his late breakfast cum lunch.

Sometimes he likes to rest on top of my foot. I like that :)

My belated birthday treat for my friends

My good friends from secondary school and I have a tradition of celebrating one another's birthday. The birthday girl would treat the other 3 girls to a nice meal and she would get to choose a gift.

On Sun, I treated the girls to Organic Cafe @ Velocity next to Novena Square. All of us had the set lunch of boneless chicken as recommended by the staff. It's a good thing we listened to him as it was really good. I like!
Minestrone soup with pasta and veggies

Citrus tea

Yummy gravy, crispy skin of the grilled chicken with alfafa sprouts, steamed veg and potato wedges

The dessert, a scoop of strawberry was alright but still a nice touch to the end of the meal.

And it's affordable at $13.90+++. The staff told us the set lunch promotion will end this month and in Jun they will be launching set breakfast. Maybe it's worth a try.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Happy & contented

Angel would cry whenever she is hungry. She becomes quiet and will slowly fall asleep after she gets her fill of milk.

Sometimes Angel will be a relaxed and playful mood.

She can also quietly rest on the cushion on her own or she will just stare :)

Not camera shy

Angel seems mesmerised by the camera everytime I try to take photos of her.

Such big beautiful eyes!

This last photo is now on the desktop of my computer :)

Monday, May 21, 2007

Enjoying food and sights with Joan

On Sat, I really had a good time eating and walking with Joan. We had a hearty breakfast @ Maxwell Food Centre. We shared oyster cake (some fritter with oyster, veggie, pork and prawn inside),

yu sheng, fish porridge and gulped down soya bean milk.

We also bought some curry puffs which are really yummy.

A short walk @ Botanic Gardens to help us digest our breakfast and got us ready for round 2 of good food.

Beef murtabak @ Zam Zam @ Arab street and iced ginger milk tea.

Joan brought me to this shop @ Arab Street that sells nice cushion covers, table cloth and quilt covers and bags from India. I bought a cushion cover that I use as a mat on top of my cabinet.